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Our Expertise

Extraction & Quarrying

Discover the journey from quarry to masterpiece. Our skilled miners employ precision techniques to extract raw onyx and granite blocks. These blocks, containing the natural beauty of the earth, are the foundation of our creations.

Cutting & Shaping

Witness the transformation of raw blocks into works of art. Expert craftsmen employ cutting-edge machinery to shape the onyx and granite with precision. Every cut and curve is meticulously crafted to reveal the stone’s innate elegance.

Polishing & Finishing

Experience metamorphosis from rough to refined. Our specialists expertly polish the surfaces, revealing the mesmerizing patterns and alluring colors of the onyx and granite. The result is a mirror-like finish that radiates sophistication.

Quality Control & Selection

Immerse yourself in our commitment to quality. Each piece of onyx and granite is examined for texture, color and pattern alignment using strict quality control. Only the finest stones meet our standards, ensuring project elegance and durability.

Our Services

Premium Onyx Extraction

Discover beauty in onyx through skilled extraction. Craft luxurious interiors with preserved patterns. Elevate designs with stunning elegance that only genuine onyx can offer.

Granite Extracting Excellence

Explore the timeless elegance of granite with our exceptional extracting services. Using advanced techniques, we extract high-quality granite that embodies durability and aesthetic appeal.

Customized Processing Solutions

Our cutting-edge facilities can refine raw materials into final products, from polished onyx slabs that adorn architectural marvels to refined graphite powders that fuel technological advancements.

Expert Consulting & Collaboration

Whether you’re exploring the potential of onyx and graphite for your project or seeking guidance, benefit from our team’s deep industry expertise. Our professionals are here to assist.

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