Onyx is composed of compact rocks of carbonate nature of sedimentary origin formed through chemical precipitation generally in underground cavities. The term ‘Onyx’ signifies a banded variety of quartz, highly prized as an ornamental stone. Specific gravity of Onyx ranges between 2.6 to 2.8. Chagai Onyx is mostly green in color with fine texture, though patches of red, brown and white are common, with rare patches of golden.

The green variety of Onyx is most valuable due to its demand in many parts of the world. Dark green onyx with layers of light green, green with streaks of white and yellow and white with layers of light grey are found in the Chagai district.

At global level, “Onyx” is synonym to luxury, used for ornamental and decorative artwork. Certain enthusiasts have found its use in high-end fixtures, furniture, flooring and wall-cladding to add value to their environment.

Moreover, there is a global trend to leverage Onyx in the niche construction of cosmopolitan cities. There is significant demand for raw Onyx and products made from Onyx in both domestic and international markets. There are unique and valuable Onyx varieties that have been extracted in Chagai that have great demand in China, Italy and in the Gulf countries, as the colors and varieties of Onyx found in Chagai are widely accepted in global markets.

With the aspiration to meet the standards and demand of international customers, Zahdan Mining Company has pioneered the production of Onyx in the Chagai region through meticulously prepared mine-design and extraction processes with mechanical mining. Furthermore, careful processing of the Onyx blocks with Italian machineries produces a world class product.

Key Highlights

  • Extraction of Onyx blocks that are in line with global standards
  • Preclusion of the possibility of damage to the extracted Onyx blocks
  • Regulation of production in line with market demand
  • Processing of blocks into slabs and/or tiles with end-to-end Italian machineries and abrasives.