About Us

About Penoramic International

Penoramic International Mining Company has recently commenced the extraction of dimensional stones including Onyx, Granite and Marble from over a dozen deposits in the Chagai District of Balochistan. Due to the proximity to the Afghan border, these mines offers niche-quality translucent, pure white, green and other vibrant varieties of color combinations that have same quality and aesthetics of Afghan Onyx.

Our Other Projects

The scope of mining operations by Penoramic International extends far beyond Balochistan. The Northern most region of Pakistan, amidst the snow-clad mountains of Gilgit Baltistan, mineral wealth is ripe for mining. Penoramic International has developed a compatible concession portfolio with exploration rights over three metal resources (Copper, Gold, Lead and Zinc) and mining rights of one Granite mines in Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Introduction to Chagai District

Chagai is situated in the northwest corner of Balochistan, Pakistan and is the largest district within the province. It shapes a triangular outskirt with Afghanistan and Iran. Chagai covers an area of 55,444 square kilometers and contains high-quality Onyx deposits (travertine), locally known as “Malmal”, throughout the Chagai belt.

Pakistan has a rich history of using Onyx as a common gemstone and can be found referenced in many of its historic and cultural folklore where cut onyx and seashells were used to create beautiful floral and geometric designs. Onyx is a key dimensional stone that has been extracted from Chagai since 1950 and has been used for many purposes due to its variety of shades and robust quality.

Our Stones Our Passion

Penoramic International has proudly introduced its first ever range of dimensional stones TOP ROCK which are being mined in proximity of Reko Diq in the Chagai district of Balochistan. The Penoramic International is determined to apply innovative mining methods encompassing modern mechanized mining for the extraction of Onyx and Granite. Both these products have beautiful colors and attractive textures that can be transformed into square blocks, slabs, tiles or other specialized shapes and sizes in line with market demand and requirements.

Our Mission

Empowering growth through responsible extraction. Our mission is to ethically mine Onyx and Granite, enhancing spaces while prioritizing sustainability, community welfare, and operational excellence.

Our Vision

Shaping a sustainable legacy in stone. Our vision is to be a trailblazing Onyx and Granite mining company, renowned for redefining industry standards through innovation, ethics, and environmental stewardship.