In addition to Onyx, Penoramic International has ownership of massive deposits of Granite. These deposits have the potential to yield large quantities of granite with consistent color and patterns in the desired dimensions.

Granite is preferred for external use due to its uniform texture and hardness, as well as its superior durability and economical maintenance in comparison to Marble. Additionally, Granite does not need re-polishing once it is polished and fixed at the desired location.

Penoramic International presently has the rights to mine a variety of high-quality Granite deposits, ranging from black to grey in color, as well as Marble known as Teakwood. In addition to the quality of the Granite available in the deposits, the mines also have huge reserves with the potential for Granite, one of the Earth’s toughest materials, has its own natural beauty. Some Granite samples include brilliant reflective crystals which give off a wonderful luminosity and intensity to the stone.

Granite is extremely hardwearing and can be produced in different finishes, from highly polished to satin-sheen and matte. Granite is also an ideal stone for kitchen and bathroom work-surfaces given its durable and low-porous attributes. Below is a selection of Penoramic International Granite samples.

Teakwood Marble Deposits in Khanraj, Lasbella District

Penoramic International owns one deposit of the teakwood marble in Khanraj , Lasbella district, Balochistan. Teakwood Marble is a rare quality of marble used as a decorative construction stone to meet indoor and outdoor demand.